About Us

Kickstarter Coaching

Jay Wittner founded Kickstarter Coaching in 2013 after researching crowdfunding and Kickstarter.  He first studied several successful campaigns and then worked on successful campaigns.  He is also a partner in the Space Finance Group.
Kickstarter provides a unique resource for traditional firms and non-profits to work together in a mutually beneficial way, and Kickstarter Coaching aims to be a catalyst in forming these relationships.  Many firms support a charity that they believe in partially because they know it's very good for business as well.  Kickstarter provides a vehicle that businesses can use to leverage their customer base and advertising resources to execute projects that are great for the community without having to foot the entire bill.  The business ends up with enhanced public stature within the community and the growth in business that comes with it.
While Kickstarter Coaching is focused on helping Florida firms and non-profits with their crowdfunding efforts, we welcome inquiries from anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. as well.  Given that the majority of our coaching sessions are done using video conferencing technology, we can provide all the help you'll need regardless of where you are located.

Mr. Wittner graduated from the Emory University Business School with a degree in Finance.  In his career he has worked in or consulted on several industries including accounting, insurance, internet video, investments, jewelry, non-profits, real estate, restaurants, retail, and space.

This broad business experience enables him to rapidly grasp the unique aspects of your enterprise.  He can help you design and run a Kickstarter or indiegogo (another crowdfunding portal) campaign that will resonate with others interested in your cause or project.  While working on the marketing side of things he'll help you keep an eye on reward expenses as well.

Kickstarter Coaching is located in Bradenton, Florida.  Bradenton is in West Central Florida.  We're about an hour south of Tampa and St. Petersburg, an hour and a half southwest of Orlando, and we're about a half hour north of Sarasota.