Kickstarter Coaching

While no two engagements are exactly alike, our goal is to assist you in the planning of your campaign and the execution of the campaign as well.  After the campaign concludes we'll help you interpret the Kickstarter data on your supporters and work with you to determine the number and types of rewards you'll need to provide.

   The timing of our services typically runs about 12 weeks in total.  About 8 weeks is spent planning and preparing for your campaign.  The campaign itself generally runs about 4 weeks.  At that point you can finally tackle that project you've been wanting to pursue.

During the 12 weeks we offer a one hour session with each client each week.  Our goal during the first two weeks is to define the project in reasonable detail, to determine what funds would be needed to execute the project, and to see what crowdfunding platform seems the best for the project.  All of these factors go into determining what the dollar amount of the campaign goal needs to be.

   We will work closely with you on every aspect of campaign development.  We'll help you prepare your campaign page and consult with you on the rewards offered and the related budget issues.

    To maximize the time actually spent in assisting you, almost all of our coaching is done through video conferencing using FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype.  These conferences are individual in nature.  We are working with you on your campaign, we're not having a discussion with lots of clients at a time.  If you are not yet familiar with these video conferencing services they are not only easy to use but they are free as well.

   During the process we're happy to discuss your other ideas for fundraising, and help you evaluate if some of your other creative fundraising ideas might be suitable for future Kickstarters.  While you may sometimes see advertisements for free grant money, education grants, or federal education grants; the restrictions involved effectively make the final product fit the grantor's vision of what should be done, not yours.  Your fundraiser ideas and projects are unique to you and your organization...we'll help you get funding for your vision, not try to fit you into the specifications of some grant.