Kickstarter Coaching

"I was fortunate to work with Jay Wittner on the National Space Society's recent Kickstarter campaign to produce a high-quality film advocating the benefits of space explorations.  Jay assembled an outstanding team of like-minded and motivated professionals and led the program from inception to the creation of the film. Due to Jay's leadership, hard work, and dedication we far exceeded our goal and raised over $57,000 for the project."

"Jay's knowledge of Kickstarter and his ability to raise funds through crowdsourcing is unmatched.  I highly recommend Jay to anyone seeking to initiate a Kickstarter campaign — and especially to those seeking results!"

Paul E. DamphousseLt.Col. USMC Ret.

"Jay Wittner was the driving force behind the initiation, development and success of the Space Finance Group. Jay is a long-time space advocate, and a professional that is knowledgeable in many aspects of finance. While crafting and executing my successful Kickstarter campaign, Jay was actively involved with every step – and especially helpful in the development and execution of my LinkedIn strategy. Additionally, he was my go-to guy while researching a complicated real estate project. I continue to look to him for advice. I’ve known Wittner personally since May 2010 and worked with him professionally since May 2012."

Michael Laine
President, Liftport

"Jay Wittner is a crowdfunding expert. With his mentorship, support and advice, we raised over $14,000 to support our charity.  With Jay’s high caliber of expertise, he helped us define our audience, develop personal outreach strategies and innovative techniques so that we could raise funds effectively.  I’ve been so honored to work with such an experienced coach, mentor and motivator."

Lanaea C. Featherstone

"My company and I sought out a coach to help us run our very first crowdfunding campaign.  After several months of speaking to some of the great coaches that were out there and doing research we chose Jay Wittner from Kickstarter Coaching."  "Choosing Jay really was an easy choice not because of his extensive experience and the large number of successful campaigns he has had, but really because when you choose to work with someone who will be mentoring you through a process, not only do you want to pick someone that is extremely knowledgeable in running crowdfunding campaigns, but you also want to find someone that has a terrific ability to understand you and truly work with you and help you with the campaign, not just give you a book and videos to read and watch." "I wanted to write this letter of recommendation to personally thank Jay and recommend him to anyone that is looking to crowdfunding to fund their project."

Bruce Sneath

"Jay is a pleasure to work with and is extremely conscientious with everything he touches. Jay and I worked to grow his business and he put all of the recommendations to work. He has high integrity and a heart of gold. Jay will do well at whatever he sets his sights on. I am happy to call Jay a friend and always enjoy working with him!"

Tom Studer
Owner, Actions4Life