Why Hire Us

There have been newspaper and magazine articles about how to run a crowdfunding campaign.  Some of the websites even have a section of their website where they give you a few pointers about how to run a campaign.  You may have some experience that will help you run a strong campaign.  After all what's really involved here?  You come up with a project idea, make a mini web page describing your idea, and then spread the word about what you're doing.  Should you get some help?

Let's say that you bought a small airplane and wanted to fly it.  You'd probably get an owner's manual with the plane and you could visit your local library and get a book or two about flying.  It's fairly simple right?  You pull back on the yoke to go up and push the yoke forward to go down.  If you wanted to know a few more details you could spend some time on the web and maybe find a flight simulator for a bit of practice.  Would you feel comfortable flying a plane with this sort of preparation or would you want some flying lessons first?

At Kickstarter Coaching we provide the equivalent of flying lessons.  While it's true that the fundamentals of conducting a crowdfunding campaign are fairly straightforward, there are a hundred details that will influence the results of your campaign.  Good advice will help you avoid mistakes and maximize your chances to raise the funds you need with room to spare.

We'll also help you evaluate the rewards program for your campaign.  There's a fine line to walk here.  If your rewards are uninspiring you probably won't get the support you need in your campaign.  Of course the other possibility is that your rewards costs are excessive and drag your campaign into the red.  We'll help you navigate these waters.

The truth is that about 65% of the projects on Kickstarter don't achieve their funding threshold and don't generate any revenues for their creators.  The average successful Kickstarter project raised about $20,000 in revenue.  The campaigns that our founder has been involved with have raised over $1,000,000 in revenues.  While there is no guarantee that your campaign will be successful, your chances are much better with our assistance than without.

If your organization has experts on government grants or research grants this may be a viable path for you.  If you have a creative staff that knows how to fundraise and plenty of creative ideas for fundraisers, fundraising events, and fundraising letters this may be a good path for your organization.  Perhaps your best friend manages a venture capital firm and he has an extra $250,000 in his desk for your project.  If you don't have these special assets to draw upon, don't worry we can help you without them.

Kickstarter Coaching